Links to English translations of the articles you find in the text-boxes under the article-images!

  • TV-Interview, 03.2008, Russian + German, approx. 15 min. interview with the Ukrainian T.V. (Kiev)

  • Bonus, 12.2006, English

    “A new point of view”: Art is not just for a museum, new perspectives

  • Wiener Zeitung, 25.11.2006, English

    “Photo Aquarelle”: Combines photography with artist painting

  • Sicher, 1.7.2005, English

    “The findographer”: Short portrait from the beginnings until 2005

  • Kurier, 28.4.2005, English

    “Viennese motives in a mixture of photography and painting”

  • Wiener Zeitung, 18.2.2005, English

    “Odd Vienna”: Deep views behind the facade of Vienna

  • Wiener Zeitung, 15.5.2004, English

    “With the Wink of an Eye”: New life for motives with “findography”



Exhibition, dancing school Hernals, photo-painting, Andreas Altmann, Vienna, Greece, odd Vienna, findography