The pictures in the background are painted in a unique self-developed technique, combining the arts of photography and aquarelle.


The scaled three-dimensional front is individually designed by handcrafted models to create a homogenous overall picture.


3D-photo-aquarelles can either be mounted on the wall or placed on a flat ground (e.g. table or commode) by using the enclosed support legs.

Italy / Tuscany / San Quirico d’Orcia: 31 x 18 cm picture format, 55 x 45 cm including picture frame



All pictures are illuminated with long-lasting LEDs, enabling a maintenance-free use and low power consumption.


The finely detailed model constructions are vividly illustrated by the 1 euro coin inserted in the picture as size comparison.


Delivery/transport will be implemented in custom-fit cardboard cases.


All pictures are unique pieces, dated and signed.

An authenticity certificate including a hologram is enclosed.

Austria / Vienna Hietzing / Allianz MM Special Edition: 20 x 12 cm picture format, 45 x 35 cm including picture frame


Some making-of-pictures:    



Portfolio 3D photopainting unique piece signed dated Tuscany Italy San Quirico d’Orcia landscape bird Vienna Allianz bicycle authenticity certificate hologram scale modelling modelmaking handwork handmade article